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We get many inquiries from musicians who would like to get airplay on KBCS. We are always happy to review new music, even if you're not on a major record label!

You should be aware, though, that there is some music we don't play. So there's little point in sending your stuff to KBCS if you don't think you'll fit into one of our many formats. Specifically, we don't play Mainstream or College Rock, Rap, Smooth Jazz, or Top 40 Pop. However, if your music fits into one of our existing shows, we'd be happy to give it a listen.

KBCS is a non-commercial, public radio station serving the Bellevue-Seattle metropolitan area. We specialize in music for the discerning listener and divide our programming roughly evenly between Jazz/Blues, Folk, and World Music. Our most successful shows are the ones for our older listeners and specialty audiences, e.g. Bluegrass, Celtic, Music of Africa, Folk, Delta Blues, Brazilian, Hawaiian, Latin, Straight-ahead Jazz, Asian folk musics, Old-time Folk, Reggae, R&B, Avant Garde Classical, Vintage Jazz, and Outside Jazz... (you get the idea).

Check out our schedule-at-a-glance grid on this website and then listen in on a program on the radio (91.3 FM) or through our webstream to see if your music would be appropriate.

We should mention that our programmers are all volunteers, so it's pretty difficult to get them to play stuff that they don't like. And since it's hard to get good people who will commit to a weekly show, we like to keep them happy. That said, our greatest delight is surprising them with something truly original. So if you have music you think we'd play, please send it along. We look forward to hearing it.

Sorry, we can not return unsolicited CDs!

 Please send all music for review to:
  • Bruce Wirth, Music Director

  • KBCS Radio
    3000 Landerholm Circle SE
    Bellevue, WA 98007-6484
Contact Bruce:
  • phone: (425) 564-6194

  • email: bwirth@bcc.ctc.edu
    tracking hours: Thursdays, 12-3 PST

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