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Funding for KBCS 91.3 FM comes from a variety of sources, including Bellevue Community College, listener contributions, grants and underwriting from local businesses and organizations. A special thanks to the following businesses for their generous support of KBCS * 91.3 FM:

  • ACT Theater
  • Bellevue Arts Commission
  • Bellevue Community College
  • Blue Moon Tavern
  • Conor Byrne's Pub
  • Corporation for Public Broadcasting
  • Center
  • Drizzle.com
  • Earshot Jazz
  • Gaelsong
  • King County Arts Commission
  • Real Change
  • Seattle Symphony
  • Silver Platters

If you'd like to contribute, or want more information about underwriting program expenses in exchange for an on-air acknowledgment, please contact KBCS General Manager Harriet Baskas (425-564-2427 or kbcs@ctc.edu).

KBCS is also looking for one or two folks interested in helping gather up more underwriters for KBCS programming. We can offer commission on sales to one or two folks who'll take on this task on a regular basis. Interested? Know anyone who is? Contact KBCS General Manager Harriet Baskas (425-564-2427 or kbcs@ctc.edu) THANKS!

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Latest Update: 08 August 2000