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The Music Department at KBCS is the name we give to the combined efforts of our dedicated volunteer staff here at KBCS, coordinated by Bruce Wirth, our Music Director. Every week, we receive 50-100+ CDs from all over the world; from hard-working, self-produced songwriters and bands to glossy, packaged, corporate super-stars (most of whom probably started out as hard-working, self-produced songwriters or bands). KBCS volunteers review this music, and each week select the best of these for addition to our music library.

  • Here's our list of what's currently in rotation at KBCS. Take a look, it's updated weekly!

Jazz || Blues || Folk || World || Other || Newly Received

  • Volunteers needed! Do you have experience in database design? KBCS is looking for volunteers to help design a database for its CD library. If you are an experienced database designer and would like to help, give Bruce a call at 425-562-6194.

  • Questions or comments? You can direct your email to the Music Department at: bwirth@bcc.ctc.edu

If you're wondering about something you heard on the air, please be as specific as possible. (i.e. date and time, name of program, name of person on-air, etc.

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