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Please write us! We love getting mail -- by letter or by e-mail (kbcs@ctc.edu). Let us know what thrills (or irks) you about KBCS and what novel ways you've discovered to turn folks onto KBCS 91.3 FM. Prizes for the most creative -- and successful -- ideas.

Mailing address:

    3000 Landerholm Circle SE
    Bellevue, WA 98007-6484

Whassup with your station?  How come I get such a great, clear signal on line?.Where is Bellevue, Washington.
Every show I have heard so far has been great.  I sincerely appreciate your station!!
Keep it up!!

Bob Montgomery

San Diego, California

I am a KBCS member already, and just wanted to say how great it is that you're webcasting now. Reception in my office stinks and it's wonderful to be able to get you clearly over the web. I hope you can continue and expand this service!
Barry Saver

Recently we enacted some programming changes as the result of some long, agonizing meetings, audience feedback, and community interaction. The following exchange of letters about those changes that affect the jazz programming pretty well sum it up!

To: Kristen Walsh, KBCS Program Director
Subject:PM- Drive Time Jazz

 We are alarmed you are discontinuing OUR evening drive time Jazz program!!! We especially enjoy Hillary and want you to keep this programming going. We rely on drive time jazz in the AM & PM to keep us going. We also enjoy the Bud & Don show on Monday mornings.

 Since you are basically cutting half of the programming we rely on at your station, we will cut our annual contribution by half as well until PM drive time jazz is restored. That seems to us to be the only way we can make our voice heard and our vote count!

 We rely on KBCS for quality jazz programming and wonder why you're striking such a blow? We don't want more Roots & Branches! We want more Jazz with Hillary!!!

 ÷Steve Holman & Karen A. Leslie

    From: Kristen Walsh
    Subject:PM- Drive Time Jazz

    Thank you so much for taking the time to write to us about your concerns. While I understand that you will miss hearing jazz on KBCS at that time of day, I hope that you will agree with me that we are not "striking a blow to quality jazz programming" but, on the contrary, making room for even more jazz throughout the week. The main reasons we are shifting programs are to create more logical transitions throughout our programming day AND to better serve our discriminating jazz fans who seek innovative, intelligent jazz programming. Over the years we've had a difficult time consistently meeting that challenge within the constraints of a  drive-time format. Previous program directors and I have made numerous attempts to keep drivetime jazz viable, fluctuating between limiting the format to create more uniformity among programmers and freeing the programmers to emphasize their individuality.

    Despite our efforts, we have learned that drive-time jazz has not been serving as many jazz fans as we had hoped it would. Currently I am working with our programmers to determine how best to meet the needs of listeners while also taking into account the busy schedules of our volunteer programmers. The amount of jazz on the schedule will be at  least equal to that before the changes. Furthermore, I am committed to  allowing programmers even more freedom to utilize their jazz expertise in presenting the progressive nature of the art form.
    We're working together to develop an even more innovative jazz line-up. We're also increasing our world music line-up which should appeal to both jazz and folk music fans. Hillary is one of our many valued programmers and I am indeed sad that she is losing her shift. I'm hoping that with the upcoming changes, there will be room in the schedule for her to continue with us in a time slot that works for her. And I hope you've been enjoying the extra half hour of Bud and Don in the mornings!
    I would like very much to hear more from you as dedicated listeners about what you value most about our programming and what you'd like to hear  more of in the future.
    Again, thank you for your input.
    Respectfully yours,
To: Kristen Walsh

Thanks for your thoughtful response. I guess we're just getting more resistant to change as we get more and more of it generally in our lives.

We do appreciate more of Bud & Don. We also like the occasional Hawaiian music program we hear (although Sat. afternoons are a tough time for us!).

We also like the Celtic music programs. Keep up the good work.

Steve Holman

To the KBCS staff:
Just thought you'd be interested to know your signal over the internet was coming in loud & clear here in Osaka, Japan. No cut-outs or break-ups. I really enjoyed the jazz music. And from looking at your selection of world music programs I'll be sure to listen again.

Why a pleasant surprise, you might ask. I'm an American who has been living in Japan for 15+ years, except for a 6-month period when I lived in Bellevue, Washington in 1988. I'm originally from the New York City area but I found Washington state more to my temperament. I have been back to visit every 2 or 3 years. My wife (a Japanese national) studied English for a few months at Bellevue Community College.

Good luck with all your radio endeavors!
Ralph Famularo

I miss Riders in the Sky! Have you ever thought of playing old Radio shows, like the Lone Ranger or the Shadow, in the evening?

--Ms Washington

    Thank you so much for writing to us. You're not the only one who misses Riders Radio! I'm working with programmers now to make further adjustments in our schedule over the next two months. I hope to find room to fit Riders Radio into the weekend schedule. I, too, am a fan of old-time radio drama. I'm investigating possibilities of syndicated radio drama programs, but also have higher hopes of developing our own radio theater productions over the coming year.
    Meanwhile we'll do our best to get Riders Radio back on the air by April.
    Thanks so much for being an active listener! It's great to hear from you.
    Kristen Walsh
    Program Director

  • I've lived in the Redmond area 10 years. My son attended BCC and yet I didn't realize your radio station was on the air. I'm sure that at some level I knew the radio station existed, yet I did not realize what your format is. Just imagine this flower child of the '60s' joy when I came across your station today as I was searching through the dial for just the right station. I hope that this format is not soon to change. I'm excited by what I see offered.
    Thanks for keeping this form of music alive.
    A new, enthusiastic listener,
  • I recently discovered your station. The folk music and world music were what first attracted me. I'm listening a few hours a week. I guess I should do my part to support the station."
    --Jim, new KBCS supporting member.
  • We as a family cannot imagine not having KBCS turned on loudly for our weekly 'Celtic Infusion'; it is nothing less than glorious, so thank you kindly for your service. We are happy to be able to support you in whatever small way we are able.
  • I just want to say what a lifeline KBCS is for me during my day job as a legal secretary. I have you on all day coming through my Radio Shack transistor radio, and the sounds coming through it have turned several heads, and drawn new listeners. If I didn't have your sounds, the quality of my day would be quite different. Thank you!
  • I discovered you when I was working on a construction site. My friends thought I was crazy when they'd hear my radio playing old timey, then jazz, then Celtic fiddling! When they discovered there were no commercials I finally got some respect. Now if I can just get you to play some baseball scores once in awhile, I'd be completely content...
  • I was away during the pledge drive. I'm so glad you exceeded your goal. Even so, I want my contribution to be part of your financial support. I so appreciate all of you for the hours of wonderful programming. THANKS!!! -- A renewing KBCS member
  • Love your new signal! I don't have to sit in my driveway in my car anymore to hear it. Now it'll be harder for the aliens to find me. Thanks bunches.
  • (Arrived on a postcard with a kitty in the corner...) Thank you for providing us with the Pacifica News at 6:30 pm. We need this alternative source of news.

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